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She is the co-founder of Matt's Education and a former primary school teacher, who is keen to bring her experience with the Singapore education system to her tuition classes. Experienced in helping children of all learning abilities, Marian also taps on her familiarity with the school syllabus to prepare children for tests and examinations. Over the years, Marian has struck a chord with the parents and children she has worked with, as they take to her caring, amiable but no-nonsense approach towards the students.

This dedicated teacher graduated from Nanyang Technological University and went on to pursue a diploma in education at the National Institute of Education.

She is currently conducting English and Maths classes at Matt's Education.


He is the co-founder of Matt’s Education and specialises in teaching the English language and mathematics. Bringing with him more than ten years of tutoring experience, he is privileged to have helped students overcome their difficulties and push the boundaries in their quest for academic excellence. Matthew is a firm believer that there is no such thing as a "lost cause" and will go the distance in helping students punch above their weight.

Matthew’s unconventional approach to education has gained mention in local dailies like The Straits Times and My Paper.

After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Matthew had a valuable working stint in a top media firm where he had an opportunity to hone his skills in writing and deepen his knowledge of the English language.




When we designed the classrooms, we asked ourselves…What environment would motivate us to study? What kind of place would make parents feel at ease when they drop off their young ones?

With these in mind, we created a place that has a touch of home, a hybrid of activity and discussion, and is a sanctuary for students to learn in earnestness.

Matt’s Education is an Education Centre with a difference.

We believe that the pursuit of academic success does not necessitate giving up one’s childhood and balance in life. Working with primary and secondary school children since 2004, Matt’s Education has continually shown that success, enjoyment and fulfillment in life can be in the same melting pot for each and every child.

The Matt's Education Promise


The personal touch is a very big part of everything we do at Matt’s Education. Because of the nature our setup and the small-group environment, we make it a point to know our little friends and their parents that little bit more. We do our best to ensure we are really a part of the child’s education journey.


Who’s to say that fun and results do not mix? We have proven otherwise. Laughter has become an essential element of our lessons. We are firm believers that if you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll do it better. We tell our kids that tuition is a choice and should not become a chore for them.


We might sound like a fun-loving bunch here but behind the smiles and laughter, our promise is that no child ends a lesson without learning something new for the day. We also do our best to clarify any doubts that our little friends may have from their school work. At the end of the day, we have a very results-oriented approach.


No two children are the same. Likewise, you can never have a one size fits all approach. We are always open to suggestions on what works and what doesn’t. If there’s some rule we should bend at Matt’s Education to help the students, we are prepared to do it in the students’ best interests.