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Matt’s Education is an Education Centre with a difference.

We believe that the pursuit of academic success does not necessitate giving up one’s childhood and balance in life. Working with primary and secondary school children since 2004, Matt’s Education has continually shown that success, enjoyment and fulfillment in life can be in the same melting pot for each and every child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of each class?

Each class is usually 1.5hours. The duration for graduating classes (PSLE, N and O Levels) is 2hours, in consideration of the prep work required.

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2. When do I make payment for my lessons?

Payment is usually collected at the first lesson of every month, for that particular month’s lessons. If there are five lessons for that month (i.e five Saturdays in that month), the fees will be pro-rated to include a fifth lesson..

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3. What are the fees involved if I want to sign up?

We collect a one-month deposit, which is refundable if one-month notice is given prior to withdrawal. There is also a $25 one-time registration fee for all new sign-ups. Other than that, it will just be the usual monthly fees.

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4. How many students are there per class?

Our classes are capped at 10-12 students. This is the max capacity we feel is comfortable enough for class interaction and adequate attention.

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5. What is my child cannot make it for class?

We usually have other class slots for make up lessons. No refunds will be provided. However, we will exercise the discretion to best provide a make-up lesson arrangement or refund in the event of a long-term illness (chicken pox etc) and exigencies such as family bereavement.

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6. Are the students in your groups all from the same level?

Yes, they are all from the same level taking the same subject. I think the teacher’s brains will find it difficult to alternate between English and Maths within the same lesson.

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7. I tried calling but there is no response. How?

We might be in class and answering calls might distract us from solving that 5-mark problem sum for your child. If we miss your call, drop us a text or email. We promise to get back to you within the same day.

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8. Do you provide 1-1 lessons?

Unfortunately, we no longer do so due to time constraint and scheduling.

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