A Different Approach in Teaching


The way we teach English pretty much epitomizes our whole approach to tuition altogether. If you like what you’re doing, the result will take care of itself. While vocab and grammar drills still form a part of what we teach, the mere reliance on assessment books and worksheets constantly will zap whatever interest the child has in the English language.

At Matt’s Education, news elements form a very big part of our English language classes, especially at the secondary and JC levels. We see the benefits as two-pronged – An increase in general knowledge and better command of the language through sustained interest.


We know that mathematics isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. 

However, the ironic thing is that the strong focus on mathematics from the primary to tertiary level means that most of us can’t really avoid it.

Over here, our approach to mathematics is very simple – we put ourselves in the student’s shoes and ask ourselves how maths can be explained to make ourselves understand better. We do our best to take the x and y out of Algebra and put it in “human” language to our little friends here. 


“Science is simply common sense at its best.”

We love this brilliant quote by Thomas Huxley. Blessed with an impressive track record since we incorporated Science into the curriculum at Matt’s Education, we’d like to think that our no-frills approach has helped students make sense of chemical equations and develop an appreciation for what goes on around them. Perhaps, the way we teach makes it seem like common sense after all. 

Matt’s Education is an Education Centre with a difference.

We believe that the pursuit of academic success does not necessitate giving up one’s childhood and balance in life. Working with primary and secondary school children since 2004, Matt’s Education has continually shown that success, enjoyment and fulfillment in life can be in the same melting pot for each and every child.


Every child is different. Our group classes attempt to blend interactivity with a personalised approach that allows the child to learn at a comfortable pace. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our approach to better bring out the learner in every child.


English - Friday, 3.30pm
Maths - Saturday, 8.45am 


English - Monday, 3.30pm
Maths - Friday, 5.15pm 


English - Saturday, 9am
Maths - Monday, 5.15pm 


English - Tuesday, 5.15pm / Thursday 5.15pm
Maths - Friday, 5.15pm / Saturday, 1pm
Science - Wednesday, 5.15pm


English - Tuesday, 7pm / Sunday, 1pm
Maths -  Thursday, 7pm / Saturday, 2.45pm 
Science - Monday, 7pm


English - Friday, 7pm / Sunday, 10.45am 
Maths - Monday, 7pm / Saturday, 10.30am 
Science - Wednesday, 7pm / Saturday, 12.45pm


English - Tuesday, 5.15pm / Sunday, 1pm
Maths - Monday, 5.15pm / Saturday, 12.30pm / Sunday, 11am
Science - Thursday, 5.15pm


English - Tuesday, 5.15pm / Sunday, 11.15am
Maths - Friday, 5.15pm / Saturday, 8.30am
Science - Wednesday, 7pm / Thursday, 7pm


English - Monday, 5pm / Sunday, 9am
E Maths - Friday, 7pm / Sunday, 1pm
A Maths - Wednesday, 7pm / Saturday, 2.15pm / Sunday, 3pm
Science -  Wednesday, 7pm (Pure Chem) / Thursday, 5pm (Combined Science) / Saturday, 10.15am (Combined Science)


English - Monday, 7.15pm / Sunday, 1.30pm
E Maths - Tuesday, 7pm / Thursday, 5pm / Sunday, 1pm
A Maths - Thursday, 7.15pm / Saturday, 10.15am / Sunday, 3pm 
Science (Combined Science) - Thursday, 7.15pm / Saturday, 12.30pm


*All PSLE and Upper Secondary Classes are 2 hours. The class duration for other levels is 1.5hours. 

Matt's Education reserves the right to make changes to the schedule.

Feel free to give us a call at 6791 1135 should you have any queries regarding the classes. Thanks!