What Students And Parents Are Saying


"We are very glad to have found Matt's Education for our son who was struggling badly with both A and E maths. In 2012,  we were very blessed to get Matthew who is a patient, dedicated and motivating tutor. He goes the extra mile to coach his students, and treat them as personal friends to motivate them. His unconventional method of teaching mathematics helps his students to adopt simple and precise methods. His coaching and explanation are crisp and clear which enable students to graps conccepts and applications easily. These help his students to regain their confidence in solving questions.

Besides coaching, Matthew takes the effort to understand his students' characters, level himself to communicate with them and in so doing, build trust amongst his students. My son was a close-up boy and it was through Matthew's guidance, he is now able to express himself openly and most importantly, discover his strengths in other areas as well. It helps a lot in shaping his character. Matthew offers his personal time to spend with his students in sports and recreational activities. He will also spend extra hours and travel long distance to help his students, which is truly amazing!

We are honestly grateful to have Matthew as our tutor. We are prepared to share our experiences with his teaching, should any parents need to find out more, and we can be reached at amallauralpf@gmail.com

Lastly, we would love to express our gratitude to Matthew. It will never go wrong to have Matthew as a tutor and friend."

- Laura, Mother of child at Catholic High School

“To parents who are helpless in finding a tuition centre that cater to your child's understanding and are unsure if you are making a right decision, I would recommend Matt's Education. My son, Afiq, saw his maths result improve from C5 to A1 ever since I enrolled him there in Secondary1. The result speaks for itself. Thanks Matthew for your guidance. Well done and keep up the good work.”

- Mdm Hamidah, Parent of child in Jurong West Secondary School who was offered promotion from Normal Academic to Express stream

“Marian is a passionate, patient and caring teacher. My kids enjoy her teaching. She is able to engage the kids through various activities when teaching. Also, she is able to work on my kids’ weaknesses and strengths. Thank you so much.”

- Diana Chua, Parent of two children from Juying Primary and Fuhua Secondary

“Teacher Marian is very patient and responsible. I remember there was one incident which impressed me. My daughter told me that Teacher Marian went down to meet her classmate’s dad simply because her classmate had forgotten to bring a file for lesson. Other teachers might just ignore it and continue with the lesson.”

- Mdm Lee, mother of child from Rulang Primary School

“教学风格生动活泼,亲和力强,激发学生兴趣。 语言幽默风趣,贴近生活,使学习变成了一个享受的过程。 启发性的教学,注重和学生交流,使孩子的英文水平在不知不觉中提高." 

- Madam Mao, Parent of student from Nan Hua High

"Matt’s Education is definitely recommended if you’re looking for a good tutor to help your children cope with the local school syllabus and follow the school lessons more easily. Our two children at secondary level learnt English and Mathematics for three years under Mr. Matthew Lim. Most importantly, he was able to get my children, who had just come from Korea, to participate in his lessons and develop a good relationship with them. Thank you." 

- Mr. DK Nam, Father of two children who studied at New Town Secondary School and Pioneer Secondary School

"Matt is a very dedicated tutor. Both of my kids have gone under his guidance. They started with mediocre results but emerged with distinctions. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for what he has done for my children. The personal touch and constant encouragement he has given them is really awesome. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a holistic education. Thank you Matthew for your professionalism and dedication."

- Pamela Chua, Mother of two children from Westwood and St Patrick's